だんグラ USAでの販売開始

だんグラ USAでの販売開始


DAN-GLA Cardboard MR Glasses with Cutting-Edge Technology in a Small Package

Price $65.00

  • The MR era is coming soon, and MR will eventually become the core of a variety of industries. I would like anybody to go ahead of the times and get business opportunities with DAN-GLA. (Professor Masahiko Tsukamoto, leading expert in wearable computer research)
  • MR (Mixed Reality) is a generic name for technologies that reproduce the world (video, audio, and even sense) that is more realistic but cannot be created by superimposing the virtual world and the real world.
  • “DAN-GLA” setting is super easy. Launch the app on your smartphone and set it to DAN-GLA. After that, you can watch the contents with both hands as if looking through binoculars.
  • Supported smartphones: iPhone 6s and later models (scheduled for Android after summer 2019) / latest version of iOS/ Android App to be released soon
  • Product composition: Mirror, half mirror, two-lens convex lens (WWMR) built-in / assembled finished product
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